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Look Through the PeteWilbyTriathlOn Training LENS

The aim of this blog is to provide a fresh perspective of triathlon and open water swimming training. For peak performance in triathlon and open water swimming you need focus. It is that very focus that could so easily become tunnel visioned, only focused on training, or worst, an injury or illness that training has left you with. The purpose of the PeteWilbyTriathlOn LENS is to adjust your focus on the necessary endurance training by setting out a holistic approach. Our mission is to use a holistic approach to coaching to help people excel. The four key basics for you to excel are what the LENS is made up of.

  • Life

  • Endurance training

  • Nutrition

  • Strength

The LENS Philosophy

Imagine each part of the LENS is a part of a house, with endurance training in the centre, of course, that needs to be your focus so you can reach your goals. The roof of the house is life. By Life we mean the management of physical and mental health and wellbeing. At any level of triathlon and open water swimming training, life comes first. If something isn't right in life, it takes priority. With this approach at least the basics are kept in line. Keep a lid on your endurance training habits by treating life like the roof of your house. The left-hand wall supporting the LENS is strength. Strength significantly supports life. By strength we mean mental strength and physical strength. To embark on any triathlon or open water swimming goal it is your strength of mind that commits you. It is you cardiac and skeletal muscle strength that will support and power you as you train and compete. With smart goal setting and strategy planning coupled with a training session focused on mobility, skeletal muscle strength and physical condition, you will improve your life as well as your triathlon and open water swimming. The right-hand wall supporting the LENS is nutrition. Healthy food and drink underpin life. It is fuel for people. Athletes are people, not machines. You cannot hack nutrition but it is a minefield of information that you could and should keep simple and realistic. People do try to hack nutrition but we don't agree. We all have to eat. Our values are to inform rather than prescribe. We help you keep it healthy with these two rules: 1) Eat real, unprocessed foods as much as you can. 2) Allow everything in moderation, even excess. The centre of the LENS house - you could see this as the doorway to success - is endurance training. Perceive your endurance through the LENS, remember LIFE is supported by NUTRITION and STRENGTH. With this in mind, you could embark on the PeteWilbyTriathlOn Team Training Plan. Or sign up for a bespoke training plan. Or even sign up for coaching with us. As you work hard to improve you will improve best by being consistent in your endurance training. To dial in to success and excel in your sport you must first maintain a healthy diet, have clear achievable goals to mark your progress and spend time, before endurance training, working on your movement and strength. Keep life in check so nothing rains on your training. Consistently viewing your endurance training through the PeteWilbyTriathlOn LENS you stand far greater chance of success. You will be rewarded with good health, confidence, enjoyment, robustness, and positivity, not only in your sporting goals, but in LIFE.


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