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Five Tips for Winter Riding

Hello triathletes,

Now the Autumn has taken hold and winter is looming it is important to have the right gear when out training. Here are my top 5 tips to help improve your winters cycling rides.

1) Tin foil – wrapping some household tin foil around your toes, over yours socks and under your shoes acts as insulation and really helps to keep your toes warm when it is cold outside

2) Spare thermal – sweat can get cold if you stop for a break in the winter. Wrap a spare thermal in a plastic bag and pack into your back pocket. When you stop for a coffee you can quickly nip to the toilet to change you’re under most layer. By doing this you will stay warm in the café and not be cold and wet when you begin riding again.

3) Water proof cape – another small wrapping job to go in the back pocket. Ware your layers but keep the cape ready to add on if it gets colder or, in particularly, wet. Consider the following when buying a cape:

· Foldable

· Lightweight

· Waterproof

· Tight fitting cuffs

4) Vary the routes – The tendency in winter is to do more steady riding than the intervals you do during the summer. Why not find some new routes to try. This will keep things interesting whist you ride steady and you may even find a better route for summer training.

5) Lights – even if you are planning to only ride in daylight, the cold and short winters days quickly turn dark. All it takes is a couple of punctures or a wrong turn and you might find yourself riding at night. A couple of LED lights charged and fitted to the bike is a clever precaution for winter riding.

I hope these tips are helpful. If you have any ideas please add them to the Facebook page:

Good luck and safe riding,

Happy triathlon-ing,


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