About Pete

I am Pete Wilby. I began competing in triathlons in 2007 and found I had an aptitude for the sport. I competed in the world and European age group triathlons between 2010 and 2013 - sprint, middle-distance and long distance – along with Ironman 70.3 and other events, winning the World Long Distance ITU Triathlon Championships for the 30-34 age group at Belfort, France, in 2013.


I studied sports science at the University of Exeter between 2010 and 2013. On graduating, my studies, coupled with my competition experience, prompted me to start coaching.


I am a Level Three British Triathlon coach, a Level Two Training Peaks coach and Level Two Open Water Swimming Coach also qualified in strength and conditioning. I love coaching and seeing the difference it makes to people. I get enormous pleasure from seeing our juniors progress and from our adult athletes meeting their personal goals – like Ben developing from an inexperienced swimmer to the European championship, and Gerry becoming the oldest swimmer ever to swim the length of Lake Windermere. And I love working in this beautiful part of the world and introducing swimmers to the pleasures and challenges of our long-distance swimming adventures.


I hope you find the right sort of support for you on this website. But please do get in touch if you are uncertain about what is right for you.

Head Coach / Business Owner


What is your favorite triathlon discipline?

I like all of them combined so it would be triathlon with an OWS.

Top tip?

Better drowned than duffers if not duffers won’t drown.

How long have you been coaching?

Since 2010

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Safety crew / Activator

Favourite discipline?

I don’t really know what this means - sleep

Favourite sport?


Best achievement?

Playing internationally and winning with my team

A goal of mine?

Finish school alive and have freedom to choose next step

Favourite ow kit?

My wetsuit

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Safety crew / Activator

Favourite discipline?

Main sport?

Best achievement?
Coming 3rd in the surf life saving nationals 1.5km run

Favourite kit?

A goal?

Be a qualified lifeguard

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Lifeguard / Assistant Coach

What do you enjoy most about OWS?

Affects my mental health positively

Why do you think it is important for children to learn to swim in the Open Water?

So they know how to swim safely in the sea and prevent emergencies

Favourite wetsuit brand?


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Safeguarding Officer / Social Media

What do you like most about OWS?

I like how it is different to the pool and the variety. I enjoy races in open water.

What is your no.1 piece of advice when OWS?

Keep calm- even if you spot a jellyfish! Take the time to sight.

What is most challenging about OWS?

Being adaptable to changing conditions.

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Safety crew / Activator

Fav sport?

Any sport

Best achievement?

Winning the 2k swim at wimbleball

Goals this year?

To get fit

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Lifeguard / Assistant Coach

What do you find most challenging about OWS?

The weather.

How long have you been lifeguarding?

6 years

Favourite wetsuit brand?

C skins

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Safety Officer and First Aider

Favourite OW discipline?
I absolutely love bodyboarding when I get the chance but sea swimming gives me a real sense of freedom and ‘feel good’ factor.

Main sport?
Having spent my school days as a sprinter and netballer, followed by two decades of squash and badminton, in my fifties I have ventured into the world of swim, bike, run!

Main achievements?
(Apart from being a mum!) My most personally challenging achievement was coming from an unconfident ‘ head out of the water’ swimmer to swimming front crawl around Teignmouth pier almost 2 years ago after being persuaded to enrol on the Age UK ‘swim to the sea’ course run coached by Pete.

Favourite bit of open water kit?
Apart from my dry robe which I love, my favourite piece of kit has to be my thermals! (Swim socks, gloves and hat) enabling me to sea swim all through the winter for the first time ever without my hands and feet becoming frozen!

My goals this year?
I hope to complete my first ever adventure swim in May and a Go Tri triathlon in July.

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Boat Driver / Lifeguard

What would you say is your best athletic achievement?

Getting timed swim down for RNLI. 4 weeks solid effort -down by 45 seconds.

What is your no.1 piece of advice when OWS?

Swim in groups.

How long have you been lifeguarding?

2nd season.

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Boat Driver / Lifeguard

Main sport? Surf lifesaving

Fav bit of kit?

A good quality, warm wetsuit

Best athletic achievement?

surf lifesaving nationals


To always try and do better than I did last time

How long have you been lifeguarding?

Lifeguarding for 4 years

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Level Two Coach

My favourite OW discipline is long distance swimming My goal is to swim 10k this year!

My main sport is swimming 🥰 I absolutely love my fins and swim costume, I also love my Orca wetsuit.

My best achievement in swimming is doing my swim adventures such as swimming around St Michael’s Mount, Logan rock, Thatchers rock, and in and around kyance cove.

This year I want to swim around the Ore Stone and swim a 10k in the OW

OWS makes me feel happy. I enjoy the freedom and swimming in an open space, without feeling confined.