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Circumnavigate Thatcher Rock

Challenge yourself, whilst enjoying wonderful scenery, with the knowledge that you have an experienced team by your side - every stroke of the way!

The Thatcher Rock Adventure Swim is a really exciting swim. It is definitely an amazing sight when you swim around the rock. With the strong currents and the offshore feeling, it gets the adrenaline going too!

The swim heads south from Meadfoot Beach with a heading on the OreStone. You don't feel the push, but the way out is fast. The water between the mainland and Thatcher rock is called the Gut and it whips you out to Thatcher pretty quick. It is worth taking the first 1-1.5k easy to conserve energy and take in the sights.

You begin on the calmer side of the rock but it gets wild on the other side and the race is on: at the time we go there is a strong current out to sea. The current speeds up as the water passes close to the rock (where you swim). This bit calls for a focused, head down, endurance effort. Heading for the beach huts back at Meadfoot Beach.

You need to swim without stopping for a good few minutes but once well past the rock, the current eases and you can ease up, take a drink and check out the scenery.

All in all, this swim is around 3km (if the lines are quite straight). But the circumnavigating part includes a really concerted effort too.

The whole experience takes around 90 minutes to two hours. To take part in this swim, please book on the website.

The swim course is shown with the blue dashed line in the image above. The meeting place is the swim start and swim finish where there are warm drinks and toilets. There is a pay and display car park at the opposite end of the beach (about a ten-minute walk). On completion of this circumnavigation, swimmers can have a warm drink and can add a layer of clothing.


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