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Bell Rock - Adventure Swim

Bell Rock is a fab route with stunning scenery. The swim highlights are going through

the caves, behind Bell Rock and swimming FAST AS POSSIBLE over a set course.

There is lots of wildlife on this swim (we are swimming across Seal Cove!). Relax

and be at one with nature. It will be a swim to remember.

You can park in a carpark on top of the cliff or, if there is space, for free on the

road outside – BEWARE the carpark machine doesn't always work. The car park is run by the local Thatched Tavern so if you have trouble, pop in there. There are public

toilets on the walk down to the beach.

The swim route hugs the cliffs, heading right off Maidencombe along the rocky

sandstone. The swim is 3km total and is an out and back. We pass Bell Rock for

the first time and re convene at hundred meters on. From here we do a faster 700m (or so) effort. The group will obviously split during this but we will regroup inside Watcombe cave.

Using the same course, we are doing a handicap race on the way back to

Watcombe Head Cave. This should have everyone finishing at a similar time to

go right through.

After all the excitement it is an easy cruise, soaking up the wildlife, back to

Maidencome for a nice drink.


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