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CWI - Swimmer responsibility

I accept that taking part in cold water swimming is by its nature hazardous and contains certain inherent risks. 

I accept that I owe a significant duty of care to PeteWilbyTriathlOn and other swimmers to act responsibly and follow all safety instructions. This includes but is not limited to: 

• Only entering the water when given the all-clear to do so by the session leader 

• Following the prescribed swim course 

• Complying with any instruction to exit the water 

• Being aware of other swimmers and summoning assistance if I notice a swimmer in difficulty 

• Bringing appropriate clothing (including hat, gloves and warm layers) to change into post-swim 

•Ensuring I have a warm drink post-swim 

• Not attempting to drive until warmed up post-swim OR being driven by a supporter (who has not been swimming) if having to leave before warming up 

• Not swimming when I am unwell (for example: a cold, chest infection, feel that I am coming down with a cold, open wounds, ear infection) or under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including medications which might make me drowsy or impair my performance).

I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge, I am in good general health and I have disclosed all medical information relevant to my participation. I acknowledge that PeteWilbyTriathlOn has relied on this statement (in its entirety) in accepting my participation in the winter swimming sessions at PeteWilbyTriathlOn and that if I was unable or unwilling to agree to all the matters set out above in this statement of responsibility PeteWilbyTriathlOn would not allow me to participate.


All statements of fact are true. 

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