WU: dynamic stretches

The following dynamic stretches are ideal for any warm up:

Inch worms with cobra and downward dog

Frog walk


Frog walk and twists


Back lunge and twist


Two step lunge

SWIM #1: Sinks

The most important skill in swimming is the skill of breathing.  The difference to other sports is the exhalation, against the dense water:


Start in the shallow end, blowing bubbles in the water. 


When you feel comfortable exhaling fully and smoothly into the water try to sink.


You will find as the air goes out you become sinkier. 


Relax and take in the peaceful under water world.

Progress to the deep end as you get more confident.

SWIM #2: Streamline kick

Torpedo Swim Backs are great to practice being streamline, kick technique and feeling the horizontal body position:


One hand on the other, stretched long, streamline push off. 


Kick hard keeping legs straights and toes pointed.


Try to stay under the water, just.


When swimming back begin with the same position on the surface

SWIM #3 Posture and alignment

At any level of swimming, the straighter you can get, the faster you will go.  Like with many tasks in life, good posture and a straight spine is important in swimming.


Stretch one arm in-front and rest the other on your side.  Balance your body on your side, hips stacked, and kick. 


The aim is to hold a straight spine to make your kick on side (KOS) shape as straight as possible.


Progress this drill by counting six kicks, taking one stroke to change to the other side. 


Progress further with three then five strokes.  Always focused on the posture and alignment.

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