When you choose to buy any Training Plan you are given INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP for the duration of the plan.


If you would like personal online coaching you should first arrange a free consultation

A free face to face consultation for Coached Membership at Perrylicious Cafe, Teignmouth.

Coffee Break

A free phone consultation for COACHED MEMBERSHIP

Person Checking the Phone

Catch up call - For coached athletes

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A 12 - 24 week TOTAL BEGINNER SWIM plan designed for someone brand new to front crawl swimming


A 25 Week Sprint Distance Triathlon Training Plan for Competitive Age Groupers

Image by Quino Al

A 24 week, 10km, NOVICE SWIM training plan (for the swimmer slower than 02:00/100 CSS)

Female Swimmer

A 16 Week Marathon Training Plan (For the over 50 - good for age ability - sub 4hour runner)

Marathon Participants

A 20 week, 10km. INTERMEDIATE SWIM Plan, for most Swim Speeds/Types Who Have Some Experience

Image by Jorge Romero

A 6 week 'quarantined' SWIM plan for athletes during the CORVID-19 lock-down

Image by Jusdevoyage

A 16 week, 10km, EXPERIENCED SWIMMER training plan (for swimmers with CSS 01:50 or faster)

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A 6 week TRIATHLON training plan for the 'quarantined' during the CORVID-19 lock-down

Image by Jusdevoyage