30 minutes, Weekday mornings

A 121 lesson in the sea with Pete is £20 and lasts 30 minutes. These sessions are running all through summer every weekday morning. If the Lido is open you can to pay £3 for use of the lockers, changing and warm showers. (May to September).



Half hour, 10:45 Saturdays from 11/7/20

This eight week block of sessions is for junior swimmers age 8 to 16.  It is land and sea based and designed to provide a basic skill set for open water swimming.  The entry requirement for Level 1 OW is learn to swim stage 5.

All swimmers who complete the elements will receive a badge and certificate and progress to level 2.

£7per session

£50 all 8 sessions


45 minutes, 09:45 Saturdays

The Beginner Open Water Swimming Squad is focused on technique.  You don't need to be a confident swimmer. With a wetsuit you are all set to gain the skills and confidence to progress to OW events and triathlon.  Saturdays 09:45 (June to September).




Half hour, 11:15 Saturdays from 11/7/20

As with level 1 swimmers must be age 8 to 16.  Level 2 OW prepares swimmers for competitive OW swimming.  The entry requirement for Level 2 is Level 1 or learn to swim stage 8.

When all the elements of level 2 are completed the swimmer will receive a certificate and progress to level 3.

£7per session

£50 all 8 sessions


1 hour, 08:30 Saturdays

Open Water Squad Training in the sea from May to September.  A session for everyone with experience in OW.  The perfect combination of skills, fitness and adventure. Saturdays 08:30 (starting at 08:45 for just 45 minutes through May then one hour from 08:30 June to October).




45 minutes, 11:45 Saturdays from 11/7/20

Level 3 open water award is designed for accomplished swimmers who have level 2 OW.  All skills will be used within a race situation and the swimmers will be regularly timed and tested over a 400m course.  This is a training session to compliment club swimmers current training and help prepare for long distance OW events.  Swimmers must be 12 to 16 to take part in this session.

£8per session

£60 all 8 sessions