Escape The Ore Stone




This adrenaline-fuelled swim is fast and exciting.  Whilst it is only 2km, the currents are super strong. 


We meet at Meadfoot beach, by the Café, diving centre and toilets (there is a pay and display carpark at the other end of the beach, about ten-minute walk but also street parking nearer by). We then head down the slip to stow on the boat’s your small essentials such as flip flops and drinks.


The boats taxi all swimmers 2 miles, to the others side of The Ore Stone (The wild side).  At this point, everyone jumps off the boat.  Our saftey crew will marshal the way through the tiny cave which takes you all the way through The Ore Stone.  On the other side is a channel of water where the currents are really fast flowing.  The challange is to swim back to the rocky beach on the south of Hopes Nose.  The safety crew will be marshelling and directing but this is all down to you, the swimmer.  With the constant fast flowing water the headings will seem to move.  Progress can be hampered.  It is a mission.  


After completing this amazing swim everyone will be taxied back to Meadfoot in the boats.  It is only 2km but could easilly feel like 4km!


Everyone will be offered a drink. Sometimes swimmers like to get changed and go to the café to chat through their individual experiences.

New Escape the ore stone.png