Across Torbay


The ACROSS TORBAY SWIM ADVENTURE is a a great endurance challenge.  A real long stretch of sea.  A real achievement.  A great feeling to complete.


The route begins at Meadfoot beach, by the Café, diving centre and toilets (there is a pay and display carpark at the other end of the beach, about ten-minute walk but also street parking nearer by).  We will meet you at the top of the slipway.   Then take just you ( the swimmers) and your drinks aboard (please don’t bring shoes or clothes).  We will taxi across to a lovely Brixham sunlit beach called Churston Cove.


Just off Churston Cove we ask all swimmers to absorb the view of the 6.5km swim across the bay, then to jump out and swim to the shore.  When everyone is ready, we will sound a horn and the swim will begin.


The swim heads for a straight line to Meadfoot, sighting on the Osbourne hotel.   We ask for each pod of up to three swimmers to swim together and remain with their safety crew.


Gradually you will progress across Torbay.  When you arrive back at Meadfoot there will be drinks top replenish.  This is a great endurance challenge.

accross torbay.png