London Bridge

The LONDON BRIDGE SWIM ADVENTURE is a must do.  It is a relatively low risk swim and not too far (2km - 2.5km) although it can occasionally attract some large waves, when the wind picks up, which bounce back off the cliffs.


The huge rocks towering above are breath taking.  The London Bridge arch is no exception.  Big and bold protruding from the cliff edge and bridging out over the sea.


The route begins at Meadfoot beach, by the Café, diving centre and toilets (there is a pay and display car-park at the other end of the beach, about ten-minute walk but also street parking nearer by).  We will meet you at the top of the slipway where we will do a short safety briefing and route plan.  We then head down the slip to stow on the boat’s your small essentials such as flip flops and drinks.  


The swim heads out around the headland to the right, staying right of Shag Rock. 

 The route hugs the coast, peering into the nooks and crannies, with the cliffs towering 10m above.  You swim straight through the archway and loop back around for a more sea scape swim back, passing where you just left.  On passing the last bit of headland you take up a heading on Shag Rock to do a last left hand turn, then swim back into the beach at Meadfoot.


Sometimes swimmers like to get changed and go to the café to chat through their individual experiences.

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