PeteWilbyTriathlOn is accredited by SH2OUT to the highest standard.  This means we provide a marked out course and the best safety procedures and trained staff at all times.  Our team consists of qualified triathlon and open water swimming coaches and teachers as well as first aiders and beach lifeguards.  


Our coached group sessions are designed to help people excel.  We run an experienced open water swimming (OWS) squad from May to October in the sea.  From October to April we go to the pool for a 60 minute conditioning session.  The experienced OWS squad is for all swim speeds who are confident swimming front crawl in the sea for one hour.  We normally have four groups of similar speed swimmers in the sea.  In the pool, through winter, we have the whole pool split into four lanes.


PeteWilbyTriathlOn is for everyone.  We have a beginner open water swimming session for swimmers who are new to the open water.  This session is normally split into two groups.  A group of complete beginners who aim to master front crawl and a group of swimmers who can do front crawl but are new to sea swimming or not quite ready for a 60minute training session.  Beginners who feel comfortable doing a training session can also join the pool squad through winter.  Our aim is to facilitate swimmers’ progression and support the graduation through our squads.

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We can provide our SH2OUT accredited set up including a marked out course - suitable to the ability of the group - and trained staff.


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08:00 Saturday Mornings

October to April

This is a 60 minute session in the pool for OW squad swimmers during the colder months. The session is aimed at the experienced squad. That said, speed is not an issue and experience is less of an issue in the pool so this session is not limited to just the experienced swimmers although it is OW skills and conditioning session, not a swimming lesson.



09:45 Saturday Mornings

June to September

This 45 minute open water swimming squad is focused on technique. You don't need to be a confident swimmer. With a wetsuit you are all set to gain the skills and confidence to progress to OW events and triathlon.



08:30 Saturday Mornings

May to October

A 60 minute open water squad training session. This is a session for everyone with experience in OW. The perfect combination of skills, fitness and adventure. Saturdays 08:30 (starting at 08:45 for just 45 minutes through May then one hour from 08:30 June to October