You can have 121 technical coaching with Pete.  These sessions are scheduled throughout each week and designed to help you make the best progress in your sport.  Each 121 session is for one athlete.  Pete can use video feedback to help you learn and will guide you on the best frequency for future sessions (if any needed) and follow up with an email containing your video, a recap of the session and any drills (homework) to work on before the next session.

You can experience 121 technical coaching for swimming at Dawlish and Plainmoor swimming pools.  Through the warmer half of the year, you could have 121 coaching in the sea.  And, should you want technical help cycling or running, Pete can arrange a lesson to help you with that too.  Some athletes who want help with planning their training and/or deciding the best approach may find a Zoom consultation most appropriate.

121 Coached Open Water Swimming Session


Between 08:00 and 10:30

A 121 lesson in the sea with Pete is £20 and lasts 30 minutes. These sessions are running all through summer every weekday morning. (April to October).


121 Coached Swim Session at Dawlish


Between 15:00 and 16:00

A 121 swim lesson with Pete at Dawlish Leisure Centre is £18.80 and lasts 30 minutes. You can have video of you swimming for no extra charge in this session. During the session Pete will provide stroke analysis and send you the video with instructions post session.

If it is your first lesson it is worth phoning or emailing to discuss goals and prepare.


121 Coached Swim Session at Plainmoor


Between 07:00 and 09:00

A 121 lesson with Pete at Plainmoor Pool is £20 and lasts 30 minutes. You can have underwater video for no extra charge in this session.

Pete coaches beginner to intermediate / ITU age-group athletes who are looking to progress.